Lost Woods Theme – Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Violin and Guitar)

Hi Everyone! Let me share with you today my first collaboration video with my friend Jonas Lefvert. This is Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Lost Woods theme, a great classic of all time. We had an

Monkey Island – Lechuck Theme

Monkey Island Music – Lechuck Theme A new set of videos that I am releasing, for the most awesome melodies of all times, from our favorite games, oldies but goldies! In this case Monkey Island Lechuck Theme.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Silent Night (Noche de Paz)

  Quería aprovechar este momento para desearles a todos ustedes con mucho cariño una felíz navidad y un prospero año nuevo! Este fue un año lleno de desafíos y estoy agradecido de las cosas que he podido

New Video! Lineage 2 Oren Town Theme (aka Expedition March)

  Hi Guys! New video was uploaded, from Lineage 2 the Oren Town Theme (also known as Expedition March). Hope you like it! ——– Hola a todos! Subí un nuevo video, del Lineage 2 el tema del

Misty Mountains Cold Cover now available for purchase!

Hi guys, great news, Misty Mountains Cold cover is now available for purchase! you can get it here:  https://loudr.fm/release/misty-mountains-cold/y4Gww ——————- Hola a todos! Grandes noticias! el cover de Misty Mountains Cold ya está disponible! Pueden conseguirlo aca:

The Hobbit – Misty Mountains Cold Violin Cover

  Misty Mountains Cold – from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey I must say I enjoyed studying this so much, so deep and powerful. Misty Mountains Cold is simply a very heart taking kind of song, I

The Beatles Yesterday – Violin Arrangement for Nostalgic Moments!

The Beatles Yesterday This is my arrangement for the song Yesterday from The Beatles. The backtrack was made by me and recorded over it with my violin. Hope you guys like it. If you enjoyed this performance,

Lineage 2 – Heine Town Theme (Lovers Reunited)

Lineage 2 – Lovers Reunited Violin Performance This is the music for Heine Town, one of the most romantic themes in the game in my opinion, also known as “Lovers Reunited”. I hope you enjoy this performance,

ArcheAge Music – Solzreed Theme Violin Performance

Archeage Music – Solzreed Theme This is my first recording for a song of this game. To be honest I loved this one when I started to play recently and I started to investigate what was the

Lineage 2 Music – Dark Elf Town Theme

Lineage 2 Music – Dark Elf Town Theme Hello All!!! Continuing with my Lineage 2 covers project, here you have today the theme for Dark Elf Town, also known as “Deep Shadows” I hope you enjoy it,